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Experience the beauty and wonder of Seychelles with our unique and transformative wellness journeys.



Rediscover the joy of movement as you explore your body in novel ways in this playful, yet deliberate practice that will awaken your intrinsic instincts and strengthen your intuition.

Movement impacts your nervous system, brain and tissues but we often limit ourselves to outdated rules and rigid structures. This personalised experience will create a safe space to step outside those boxes to discover creative and evidence-based ways to use the power of movement to enhance self-directed adaptive neuroplasticity (your ability to change your own brain). 


3 hrs

Grounding yourself in nature is a pathway to restore your body, mind and spirit. Our bodies are built to move and play outdoors.

The Monkey trails are the first of its kind in Seychelles, designed to foster your instincts and reset your nervous system through a guided experience in nature - our greatest teacher. Move with purpose and stimulate your higher order systems (visual, vestibular & proprioceptive ). Reconnect to nature and yourself in this personalised journey tailored to your body, brain and goals, in the most breathtaking natural setting.



1.5 hrs

Soak in the magic of nature as you enjoy the blissful ocean backdrop and all of the positive energy the water provides.

This experience promises to transport you to new depths of relaxation and release. Awaken your senses, let go and allow your body to be guided by the soothing rhythms of this water therapy practice. There is no other experience quite like it. We'll make sure you feel safe, comfortable and supported throughout.




Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life to catch your breath and destress, embark on a rejuvenating journey that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and restored.

This guided journey combines gentle movement and assisted stretches, targeted breathing, and a cutting-edge bio-energy infrared heat mat for a truly transformative experience. Learn to utilise the full power of your breath and regulate your nervous system through applied neurology. A true exploration of self with the most support and nurture. Our bio-energy infrared heat mats incorporate hot stone, infrared, negative ion, PEMF, and photon light therapies.


"There is something so comforting about doing a class where there is no "right” or "wrong" way to be in your body. Lucie makes you feel so free and confident in what you are doing that these movement sessions make you feel so much more connected to yourself & your body, and not just some pose that you're not sure if you are doing it right... With great prompts and cues along the way, her journeys are definitely some of the best I have partaken in. Thank You Lucie <3"
~  Zayma
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