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Welcome to our Women's Circle - a space where you can embark on witchy journey, exploring the depths of your femininity and reconnecting with the essence of who you truly are. We believe that every woman deserves a place to thrive, grow, and nurture herself, which is why we've created this sacred sanctuary just for us.

Within these circles, distractions fade, and the chaos of "busyness" subsides, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - yourself. We embrace diversity, coming together to build a supportive and loving community. 


Deep within each one of us lies our Inner Goddess, patiently waiting to be rediscovered. We understand how life's demands can often lead us to put ourselves last, behind family, work, partners, and chores. But now, it's time to shift the spotlight back to where it belongs - on you.


Our Circles are not about being a superwoman who can do it all. Instead, they emphasise the importance of acknowledging your needs and giving yourself permission to simply "be." We believe that you deserve uninterrupted "Me Time," a space to reflect, invest in self-care, and be supported and nurtured by a circle of empowering women.


Within these circles, you'll find a safe and sacred space to reconnect with yourself, a place to be with your thoughts and emotions without judgment. For the woman running on empty, overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list, and feeling disconnected from the woman she aspires to be, this is where your journey begins.


As life demands more from us, we often forget to refill our own "cup." But just like we pamper our bodies at the spa, we must also pamper our hearts and minds. Sitting in Circle is a form of heart space pampering that we all deserve - an ancient practice as timeless as humanity itself.


So, if you're ready to awaken connection, wisdom, and clarity, take this step forward with us. It might sound like a New Age concept, but the power of this practice is as old as time. Let us help you rediscover the inner strength and beauty that lies within you, allowing you to approach your life with newfound fullness.


Join us in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Give yourself the gift of being seen, centred, connected, and inspired. Together, we'll create a space where you can shine as the remarkable woman you are - your community awaits

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"I’ve attended a few of Lucie’s women’s circles all at different locations offering different activities but what they all had in common was her ability to cultivate programs in which you leave feeling refreshed and empowered. She challenges you to step out of your comfort zone allowing you to experience life from a new perspective. Thank you for being you!"
~  Claudia
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