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Just be for a little while

When did you last take time to really stop and listen to the sounds around you?

Have you smelled the air today?

What taste is lingering in your mouth right now?

How often do you come back to your senses?

How frequently do you pause to absorb each moment as fully as possible, without judgement and without labels?

How often do you stop doing to just be? To simply exist. Just you and the present moment as it is

Be here as you are, right now

Nothing more, nothing less

Presence is a way of life, a state of being which informs every moment

If you can remind yourself to come back to the present regularly, you will find your way of relating to the world gradually transform over time

Do not expect rainbows and fireworks, the changes will be subtle but powerful

So pause, take a moment right now

Drop into presence. Take a few slower breaths

Just be here for a little while…



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