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Dear future kids,

Life unfolds in ripples.

Every decision you make creates a ripple into your future and into the lives of others. This is not to discourage you from making decisions. On the contrary, it’s to empower you by reminding you how powerful you are. How powerful every single step can be and how important it is to honour yourself above all.

Sometimes our choices lead us astray, it happens to all of us, but it’s part of the process. This is how we learn what is for us and what isn’t. I want to encourage you to fail, because failure is one of the best signs of life. Failure means at least you are trying!

You are living.

Sometimes our choices ripples into bad habits that are difficult to break out of. But they can also be used the other way around, with a little more conscious effort and time.

It is always a choice, a question of pausing, assessing, adjusting and reengaging with yourself and with life.

The more you check in with yourself, the more you know yourself.

Never allow you to become a stranger to you.

The other day someone criticised me for always starting new things and not following through on all my projects. Initially this stung, but after much reflection it dawned on me that this is actually one of the best compliments I could have received. There is nothing wrong with starting new things regularly, and it’s ok that they don’t always work out. I’ve failed so many times that I no longer fear it, instead I embrace it.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Because each and every time we fail, we are working our way towards something better, something clearer and something more in line with our souls.

Remember this "Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” - Jack Canfield

I prefer you fail a million times rather than stick to something you hate.

I prefer you change jobs for the rest of your life, rather than settle for one that sucks the life out of you.

I would rather you change lovers as many times as you need, instead of committing to a partner that doesn’t treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve.

Life won’t always play out as you want, or even as you expect.


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” - Robert F. Kennedy


You future mom


My first letter

I am called to write you these little notes before even meeting you. I’ve been feeling an urge to do so for a while now but have been second guessing myself and holding back because of imposter syndrome. I am not yet where I want to be in life, emotionally and especially financially.

I don’t feel eloquent with my words, they feel messy, heavy and unpolished. Things don’t really come out the way I feel them. I’m trying to remind myself that first you have to be bad at something before you can become good at it. We all need to start somewhere so here goes…

I am officially done keeping up with appearances and living life to please or appease others. I’ve always been a rebel at heart, completely rejecting the status quo, governments and pretty much all authority. Although I’ve mostly been hell bent on doing things my own way and owning my own life, I’ve still allowed others to define me and measure my value too many times. This has often caused me to swing between two extremes, either people pleasing at my expense, or becoming confrontational and aggressive because of a chip on my shoulder.

My mission now, is to become a more balanced human so I can lead by example and have these conversations with you one day. I never want you to feel that you need to fight to be yourself. Because more and more, I realise the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and there is a balance to be found, where you don’t always have to fight against the grain.

In school you’ll focus on academics and how to fit into the society we’ve created. Which is exactly why my job will be to nurture and guide you to know yourself deeply and grow in your own unique way. The best version of you is not what society wants you to be, or how well you fit in.

The question now is - What kind of mother do I want to become? What example do I want to set?

I wanted to share this journey openly and start building a community around the future we want to create for our families.


You future mom


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