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I am so happy you are here and so excited to start building this online community. I’ve been wanting to share so much over the years, but never managed to actually start a blog, until now!

This space has been taking shape in my mind for a few years and things are finally moving, although I’m still unsure where this journey will lead. That’s the most exciting and scary part though, not knowing how things will turn out. My intention is to create a space where I can share my teachings and connect with likeminded souls to build an international tribe. A little background; I live in the Seychelles Islands where I was born and raised. After dropping out of university after my first year, I decided to work my way around the world and find my place in it instead. To this day, it was the best decision I've ever made! Wild at heart, searching for meaning and connection in all corners of the world, something I will never regret doing. For the last 10 years I’ve been on a journey of healing, self development and inner exploration. I moved back to Seychelles 6 years ago to set up my first wellness business in 2016 - a Yoga, Pilates and movement arts studio called Lulu Yoga at the time. Over the years things changed quite a bit as I grew into my role and developed as a teacher. I became more and more fascinated with the brain and eventually started working with local schools to raise awareness as well as teach students and educators about the brain, nervous system and importance of mental health. Now it’s time to get with the times and go online, into the digital world I know nothing about. I’ve not yet committed to a title and am currently trying to define my role as a healer and teacher. There is so much snake oil out there these days, I’ve fallen into those traps many times myself! So I really want to be intentional about marketing myself and authentic about what I put out into the world. I haven’t found my blog voice or set anything in stone yet but I’m truly committed to this journey and am ready to surrender to wherever it flows. Thank you for stopping by and reading my first blog posts. It’s amazing to be able to connect to people from all corners of the world and I hope I can convince you to visit Seychelles one day, maybe even join one of our retreats!

Love and island vibes,


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